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Skype vs. Viber – Best Video Chat App Comparison


An entire industry has evolved around digital communication, and social media or messaging apps are the most popular on the market. Companies have noticed that and there is a tough competition where everyone aims to fulfill the users’ needs. Users are the ones who win here since rivalries mean that apps try constantly to come with improvements and innovations.

When it comes to video chat apps, two of the most important ones are Skype and Viber. While they target different people, they are very similar in many aspects. Here is what you should consider.

The availability of the apps

Skype has always been an application made for desktop. There is also a mobile version available and it works very well, but Skype’s complex functions can be used better on a computer.

On the other hand, Viber is perfect for handsets. Simple and easy-to use, it will fit a phone better. Viber also comes with a desktop version, but the smartphone app is the one that attracted the users.

Price and costs

Both Skype and Viber can be downloaded for free. However, there is a paid upgrade for Skype that is worth the money. For a sum of money, the app can allow you to call landlines and mobile phones, just like having a phone.

Number of users

Skype owns the throne. But it couldn’t be any other way since the app was one of the first apps of this kind. Age and experience are the reasons why Skype has millions and millions of users. Viber is a newer app and it can’t get Skype’s number of users this fast. However, Viber became popular very quickly and it is one of the top options for most smartphone owners.

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