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Starting a Charity: The Important Things to Do

Human compassion is strong, it drives our desire to give to others. Beginning small when starting a charity helps get your feet wet. To move forward you need to jump into the ocean and really get soaked.

There are 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States. This includes private foundations, charities, membership organizations, and professional organizations.  

Some are well-known names, others you’ve probably never heard of. Starting your own charity is challenging, but rewarding.

If you’re wondering how to start a charity, keep reading. We’re going to share important information to help get your charity business off to a successful start.


Your Vision and Mission

Get down on paper the purpose of the charity you are creating. That is your vision statement, the reason you are starting the organization.

You also need a mission statement. Your mission lays out a plan for how you are going to change your vision into reality.

Look for a unique angle that makes your organization stand out from the others. Narrow down the area of the issue you will be dealing with.

For example, if you select a health-related matter, what is the specific illness or disease you are focusing on. What is the age group? Are you raising funds to pay for treatments, housing for out-of-town family members of patients, or research?

The tighter your mission is, the better focus you have when promoting your charity.

The Name Game

The name of your charity is important, so chose carefully. Select a name that’s easy to remember and unique. If possible it should indicate the charity’s main focus. 

After you have narrowed down a name, make sure it is available to use. Check your state’s listing of non-profit businesses or charities. You don’t want to use a name that is the same or similar to any others. 

For example, if you decide you want to help low-income students pay for band instruments, you want a name that indicates that. Put together a list of possibilities, such as “instrumentally yours,” or “keeping tempo.” Then check the state listing to make sure the name is unique to your cause.

Register With Uncle Sam

We’re not sending you off to war, although some days it may feel that way. This registration is to receive a nonprofit business tax-exempt status.

The IRS website will guide you through the application process. You may also need to register your nonprofit with your state government.

Online Operations

Your online operation, a/k/a website, is your window to success. This is where people will go to read about your mission and become motivated about your cause.

In addition to having an excellent “about us” section, you need a “donate here” tab so you can snag contributions while people are excited. Charities always need help, so make sure you include a page with the header “volunteer here.”

Your Public Presence

The way to raise money is by hosting fundraisers. This gets the name of your charity and what it’s all about out into the community.

Get out and demonstrate dedication to the charity. This helps attract donors, volunteers, and associates.

Use different means of collecting funds to let the largest number of people know about your cause. Use a combination of live fundraising events, presentations, and social media.

Streamline Operations

When creating a charity you need to streamline operations and funds to keep output and input balanced. One way of streamlining the management of your charity is to use a using a charity software platform. This software helps you with re-engagement, network reach, company giving, and more.

Starting a Charity Is Rewarding

After reading this, are you wondering if starting a charity is worth all the work? The answer is yes. When you better the lives of others, it’s rewarding to see the smile on the face of those you help.

Now that your charity operations are in order, check out our other blogs for information on a wide range of topics.

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