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Surface Note Latest Concept Leak Looks Sleeker Than Before


The Surface Phone has gained a lot of attention despite the fact that nothing has been announced officially, and it is only speculation at this point. A while ago we received a concept design. It was created by Ryan Smalley and it was supposed to show how the device would look like, according to other patents by Microsoft. His work brought the concept to life and it helped many users imagine what the future could bring. This concept was posted last summer, and it appears that now there is something new.

The dual-screened smartphone is already something that exists thanks to the ZTE Axon M, and rumor has it that Huawei will adopt this concept as well next year.

New concept design

Smalley returned and this time he came with a brand new concept design that tries to incorporate all the latest details. The new design also shows the Surface Pen and it is supposed to adhere magnetically to the hinge area. This would make access easier and it would not incommodate the user.

The new design comes with no bezels in the front, but manages to include a camera, flash and sensors. They are basically part of the screen and they manage to camouflage very well. If you take a look at the pictures you will notice that the device also works as a clamshell laptop.

The new design makes the device look like two tablets that are united. However, these screens are flexible and foldable which means that a user could switch it to a laptop or a propped-up tablet at any time. The keyboard is also very flat so that it won’t make the deceive any thicker. On the outside it is simply grey with the logo of Microsoft on its back.

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