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Surface Pro 5 Latest Rumors and Leaks


Currently, everybody is waiting for the official announcement about the upcoming Surface Pro. However, for now we’re not likely to see the reveal of the Surface Pro 5, or at least not until the end of spring.

Possible Release Date

One rumored release date is the late spring in 2017. The previous version, Surface Pro 4, was launched back in October 2015. As such, the next date for the launch would have been October 2016, but at the event held then by Windows, the hardware they released was only the one for the new Surface Book i7 and for the Surface Studio. As such, we should expect the Surface Pro 5 this year.

More Time, Less Issues

After the release of the latest Windows 10 Update, also named Creators Update, many people expected the announcement for this device. However, there’s still no official information about it, even though we should get some details at some point this spring. The longer we expect, the more time Microsoft has in order to polish up their product. If you remember, the Pro 4 was released with quite some issues, including the battery drain problem.

New Leaks

One of the latest leaks shows that the Surface Pro 5 device has been mentioned on the popular network LinkedIn. The announcement was changed since it was posted, but initially, we could all see on Toby Fitch’s profile the fact that he worked on products such as Xbox, HoloLens and the Surface Pro 5.

Rumored specs

The device is said to come with the Surface Pen and even a Surface Dial that first appeared on the Surface Studio PC. Most likely, it will also run on the latest generation of processors from Intel. According to some, it will be the 6th gen Skylake one, but others claim that it will run on the Kaby Lake one.

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