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Install WhatsApp Plus Now on Non Jailbroken iPads


WhatsApp has more than one billion active users messaging around every day. That clearly shows that the app is everyone’s favorite tool for instant messaging, and it’s easy to see why. WhatsApp’s user-friendly, clean and interface and bug-free connectivity are just a few of the reasons everyone loves it. And, on top of that, it’s available on many platforms, such as Android, iOS and even desktops.

However, the main problem with it is that it’s not available on any kind of tablet, and that includes the iPad. However, there’s a way to cheat around that without having to jailbreak your device. Keep reading to find out how to do it.

Step 1. Go to the App Store and install WhatsPad++. This is an unofficial app, but it works just fine because it’s just a modified version of the original WhatsApp app.

Step 2. Install WhatsPad++ on your iPad with the help of a sideload of the app through either Xcode or Cydia Impactor.

Step 3. Disregard the Untrusted Developer error warning.

Step 4. Go to Settings > General > Device Management and select all that certificates connected to WhatsPad++ and select that you trust them, because otherwise you won’t be able to launch the app.

Step 5. Exit the Settings menu, then open WhatsPad++. It should run normally now.

Step 6. Enter your phone number just like you would on the official WhatsApp app, then agree with the Terms and Conditions as per usual.

Step 7. Enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp on your iPad!

While this unofficial way to install WhatsApp on your iPad works just fine, it can be a bit of a hassle for users, especially because you need to use the tweaked sideload to install it. That might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so we’re hoping WhatsApp will hear us and release an official iPad app as well.

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