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iPad Air 2 vs. iPad 2017 – What Should We Know Before Buying


If you’re a devout Apple fan, then you might have found out already about the company’s hassle-free release of their newest device in their flagship tablet line, simply titled the iPad. The new iPad device was named in such a minimalistic fashion in order to indicate that it’s the simplest and most budget friendly design in their line yet. However, after its launch, many have indicated that the new iPad is not that different from the previously-released iPad Air 2.

Is there any truth to that affirmation? Yes, there surely is. Keep reading this comparison to find out how similar the iPad Air 2 and the new iPad really are.

iPad Air 2 vs iPad 2017

When put side by side, you might notice that both devices have a 9.7 inch display with 2064×1536 pixel ratio and 264 ppi. However, the new iPad’s display is a bit brighter, but the iPad Air has a display that is fully laminated and anti-reflective. But, at the end of the line, they’re basically the same.

As far as the camera goes, both tablets have the same front cam, as well as the same rear camera. The former has a quality of 1.2MP, while the latter goes up to 8M with 1080 recording abilities. It’s no secret that tablet cameras have never been impressive, and these two make no difference to that rule.

It’s important to be noted that both devices have almost the same hardware and software parts, save for the new iPad’s faster, more advanced A9 chipset. However, both devices offer a 10 hour battery life and perform in similar ways, even though the iPad 2017 is a bit faster and more advanced.

The main difference here is the price. The new iPad is marketed as Apple’s cheapest tablet yet, and by all means it is, while still managing to perform well. At the end of the day, whether or not you should upgrade from your iPad Air 2 to an iPad 2017 is up to you.

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