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AVG vs. Norton – Which One Is Worth A Shot?


Both AVG and Norton are some of the most successful antivirus solutions available on the market today. However, it’s quite hard to choose between the two of them, especially since both are extremely professional and efficient. But let’s see a brief comparison!


This antivirus does a great job in protecting you from opening infected files. It places them in quarantine quickly and without too much fuss. Besides, it gathers information on various new threats by using their PCs and their user base. However, you can turn this feature off if you want to. Whenever AVG sees a problem, you can click the button Fix.

There is also another smart feature this antivirus brings, namely the fact that it will wait until you stop using your computer so that it won’t affect your work while it scans. This is a great way of reducing the resource use. Moreover, you also have a game mode, so that the software would not interrupt your gaming.

Norton Antivirus

This one is perhaps the most popular software of its kind on the market. It offers a proactive exploit protection that prevents lots of exploit techniques, such as ROP (Return Oriented Programming) or heap spray. Another feature is the threat emulation one, which analyzes malware that was encrypted, obfuscated or packed. This is definitely an advantage, since you can’t find this on a lot of antiviruses.

Another interesting thing with Norton is the fact that if you buy any package above the basic one, if the agents at Symantec cannot help you get rid of any malware, they will refund the money. Again, this is a feature you won’t find on many antiviruses.


All in all, both software options are worth a shot, but from the brief analysis it seems that Norton is better in providing excellent protection.

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