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Surface Pro 5 Soon To Be Released At May Event With Massive Changes


Expected to debut on May 2, the Surface Pro 5 is reported to keep the Microsoft Connector instead of moving on to the USB type C.

Soon to be taking place, Microsoft’s new hardware event will be taking place and will hopefully be showing off the much anticipated Surface devices. The Surface Pro 5 is one of the most anticipated hybrids to have been announced and hints at massive changes happening to it.

Most of the relevant education information will be announced at the hardware event but no one knows for certain if there will be an announcement involving any of the Surface devices. According to previous reports, the next generation of hybrid tablets made by Microsoft will be targeted for the educational sector. Tech enthusiasts are expecting a refresh from the old Surface Pro 4 tablet due to the fact that Microsoft is holding such a large event, a new tablet has to be on the list in one form or another.

What information is almost sure to be accurate is the fact that the event on the 2nd of May will not host any Surface Book 2 presentations as the device might not be ready for release yet. An informant for The Verge has reported that the Surface Phone will not be released either.

With these out of the way, the Surface Pro 5 would be the only good reason for Microsoft to put up such an event. From what is known about the iPad Pro 2, tech groups have found out that Apple will be marketing the 10.5-inch tablet for educational segments. Knowing this, it would be logical for Microsoft to be taking the same approach with their Surface Pro 5 and Windows 10 Cloud in order to maintain competition with their Apple counterpart.

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