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WhatsApp To Add Delete Feature for Unwanted Messages


To most of us, message applications are a day to day activity and it sometimes happens that we send a message we regret. Luckily for WhatsApp users, the latest beta for the application includes a feature where one can delete the last message they’ve sent within 5 minutes. This is believed to work for messages that have not yet been read by the recipient.

This feature is not something which WhatsApp has as of yet made public and they have not responded to comment requests. It remains to be seen if this will be a future feature or just something that they are only experimenting with. A twitter account, WABetaInfo, was the first to reveal details of this so called ‘’unsend’’ feature in the v2.17.150 beta for the Android. It also claims that the service will be launching with the next iOS update.

The beta for the application should also include several changes, this also includes the ability to share out your location and a new font for shortcuts. Apparently, there will also be a ‘’change number’’ feature that will allow users to more easily tell if contacts have changed their numbers. This feature is normally disabled, and as such, users must manually switch it on to inform their contacts if they had changed anything.

This sort of feature is becoming a trend more recently as Snapchat has introduced a similar tool to remove unwanted messages, as well as Facebook. While WhatsApp has not yet announced this feature, last year’s beta testing version allowed users to tap the unseen message and select either Edit or Revoke. Edit allowed users to simply change the message itself, while Revoke allowed the user to remove the message completely. The last update has suggested that the company is trying various ways in order to make this feature work out.

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