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Google Earth Brings 3D Images, Interactive Guided Tours and New Features


Google Earth is currently available only on Android and Chrome, but it’s also going to roll out on iOS and other browsers in the near future.

A couple of days ago, Google has launched a new Google Earth for Android and web featuring some novelties including 3D images, interactive guided tours and a brand new option called “I’m feeling lucky”.

Interactive guided tours

For the latest version of Google Earth, Google teamed up with a large number of scientists, storytellers and some nonprofit organizations, in order to create Voyager – a collection of interactive guided tours.

Google Earth currently features over 50 tours via Voyager, and the company said it will add more of them every week. The company has presented on Google Earth Blog a sample of some tours that are currently available: Natural Treasures from BBC Earth – the journey to 6 habitats (islands, mountains, and jungles), Gombe National Park in Tanzania – all about the chimpanzee research and conservation and more.

“I’m feeling lucky” button

This feature is going to randomly surface an image and information for 20,000 various locations currently selected by the team from Google Earth.

The 3D button

This feature is able to offer a view of any place from any angle.

Share Postcard Images

Google Earth users can now share postcard images of different views, so when you find a great and inspiring view, you’ll be able to share a Postcard with your loved ones. All you have to do is click the link to jump where you were previously standing.

The newest version of Google Earth took a period of two years to be created, and it’s currently available on Android and Chrome, but soon it will also be launched on iOS and more browsers.

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