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Surface Pro Speculations On New Spring Event Give Us High Hopes


Events like the one announced for the 2nd of May will allow Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his team to show off their new hardware and what strategies they are currently planning.

It is speculated that this year they will be looking for a revision of the popular Surface Pro. This is due to the fact that the Pro line hasn’t seen any update since 2015 and with Intel’s new processors rolling out, this will give them the opportunity to release a Pro 5 and maintain them in the game.

While this might not be the most exciting thing they could announce, it could be done to ensure that the Surface Pro 5 will remain relevant. Microsoft has a solid group of manufacturers to ensure that the hardware side of things will be kept on going, but it will need to promote it.

Currently, Microsoft is increasing its focus on cloud-centered services. Outlook and Office suites are getting replaced by OneDrive storage or Redmond’s cloud covers. This makes it easily accessible with all operation systems like Android, iOS, macOS. Of course, Windows 10 will be closely integrated and will increase adoption of cloud systems.

Windows Cloud could be a massive opportunity for them to trim the hardware requirements and offer manufacturers a new product line, and as such, add more users in the cloud. This will also come as an alternative to the Chromebook, which does not only pose a threat to the Windows OS but also ties down users to Google’s cloud and not Microsoft’s.

Another side of the industry that Microsoft could focus on improving compatibility with low-cost computers. It is known that Windows 10 is able to function quite well on cheaper hardware, but it is still taking a heavy toll on laptops, especially as far as resources and storage is concerned.

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