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Tackle Your Tech: 4 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Management Needs

Unless you want a technical glitch or cyber attack to bring your business to a crashing halt, you’re going to need an IT service. But is it better to outsource IT services or hire your own IT staff?

It’s a question all serious businesses ask at some point. And we have the answer–four of them, actually.

In this short article, we’ll tell you four big reasons why it’s better to outsource IT than to hire in-house. But if you like spoilers we’ll just tell you now:

  • It’s cheaper
  • It’s easier
  • It’s more secure
  • It’s just, plain better

Want to know more? Get the full details below.


1. It’s Cheaper

Yes, outsourcing is cheaper than in-house IT. How much cheaper, you ask? Think thousands of dollars per year cheaper.

According to Payscale, the average salary of American IT specialists is over $59,000. The average salary of Polish IT specialists is almost 3 times lower than that. Therefore, outsourcing your IT service to Poland is about three times cheaper.

Besides, you should be able to find a quality managed IT service for about $2500 or less per month. That comes to $30,000 or less per year for an entire IT staff providing 24/7 service.

So why would you pay $59,000 for one in-house IT specialist? Besides, that $59,000 doesn’t even include hiring, benefits, retirement or any other employment costs.

2. It’s Easier

Hiring in-house means just that: hiring. It means you must interview, hire, train and manage the employee yourself.

And what a (costly) pain it is when they quit, and you have to do it all over again. With their specific skill set in such high demand as it is, this isn’t an unlikely scenario.

Or, you can outsource your IT and not have to worry about any of this. Simply pay a monthly fee and call when you need them.

Some companies even integrate outsourced IT services to their existing IT staff to lighten the load. If you already have an IT staff, this may be a good option.

3. It’s More Secure

How important is security? In the event of something like data loss, it’s essential. 60% of businesses who lose data are closed for good in 6 months.

Outside IT companies have an entire team working 24/7, dedicated to nothing else but providing the best IT service possible. So in this world of ever-changing, rapidly evolving technology, they’re able to stay on top of it. They always keep up-to-date with the latest technology, and that means more security for you.

On the other hand, one or two in-house IT staff members would not be able to keep up at this rate. You’d be much more open to cyber attacks, data loss, and other IT problems.

4. 24/7 IT Support

At the end of the day, your in-house staff goes home, eats their dinner, and goes to bed. Meanwhile, all the outside IT companies are still thinking, living and breathing IT.

And if you hire them, they’ll be monitoring the health of your website and other technology that’s still awake while you’re sleeping. If you want unparalleled IT support that never takes its eyes off your company outsource IT.

Outsource IT For Your Business

Is outsourced IT better than in-house? You’re not seriously still asking, are you? There’s no contest!

If you want an IT service that’s less dependable, more expensive, and more problematic go ahead and hire in-house. But if you want cheaper, easier, better service that just won’t quit, then outsource IT for your business.

The choice is obvious. Outsource your IT services.

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