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The Last Laugh: Popular Shark Tank Products That Never Got a Deal

Walking into the Shark Tank is intimidating, but with over 63 million dollars offered by the sharks, it’s an opportunity many inventors feel is worth getting their feet wet for.

Products from Shark Tank have gone on to be wildly successful, but not all of them made the sharks rich during the journey.

Here are 5 Shark Tank rejects that didn’t get an investment offer, but it’s almost a certainty that the sharks wish they had taken a bite.


1. Ring

Perhaps the most recognizable and popular Shark Tank reject, Ring is now in use in homes across the world and is one of the best selling products from Shark Tank.

The device, which offers security and peace of mind to homeowners, did attract some attention from the sharks, but not enough to take a risk. The offers included royalties which James Siminoff, the owner, was not willing to give up.

Ring has sold a large number of units and Amazon recently bought the company for 1 billion dollars.

2. Cellhelmet

Protecting your cell phone is considered a must. If you’ve ever handled your phone outside without a case or screen protector you know the nervous feeling that you could drop it and watch it shatter at any moment.

Mile Kane and David Artuso sought investment from the sharks for their screen protector company.

It places amongst the best selling products from Shark Tank with thousands of sales within days of the show airing.

3. Rocketbook

If you enjoy writing notes by hand, but miss the convenience of having your computer notes synced up across all your devices, the makers of Rocketbook had you on their minds when coming up with their reusable notebook.

With the Rocketbook, you can take notes or draw sketches, upload those notes to the cloud and then wipe away and reuse the page. The sharks thought it was either a gimmick or just didn’t have a future so they declined to invest.

It is now one of the most famous products from Shark Tank with a very prosperous crowdfunding campaign. Even when the sharks don’t bite there are millions of potential customers out there, which many companies are taking advantage of using services.

4. Coatchex

Sometimes inventors come up with a fix for a problem that the sharks just can’t wrap their heads around. Derek Pacque took his solution to Shark Tank.

Coatchex uses facial recognition to match a person with their coat to avoid annoyances with traditional coat check systems. The investors were interested but just couldn’t make a deal with Pacque.

Coatchex has moved on to have a presence in large venues and festivals across the country, making it a top product from Shark Tank.

5. FireAvert

Some gadgets save lives, and Peter Thorpe thought his gadget that did just that wouldn’t be a Shark Tank reject, and he was half-right.

Thorpe’s product could turn off electrical equipment when in danger of starting a fire. Leaving the oven on, forgetting to turn off a curling iron, these are problems that everyone has faced at some point, and FireAvert sought to fix that.

The problem is that Thorpe had already given a large percentage of the company to another investor which made most of the sharks swim away. He did take an offer with one shark, but it ultimately fell through.

FireAvert is still alive and well, making sales at trade shows every year.

Not All Products from Shark Tank Are Created Equal

Just because the sharks missed out on these deals doesn’t mean they didn’t make some excellent decisions along the way. Many products from Shark Tank that did make deals have become some of the best selling products in the country.

New inventions come and go all the time, but only some stick around.

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