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The Latest Lobbying Statistics Coming Out of Washington DC for 2021

In the political world, “lobby” is a loaded term; but, how much do you really know about lobbyists and what they do? Many Americans do not know the lobbying facts from the fictions.

Lobbyists are hugely influential on our legislation and political processes. Understanding what lobbyists do and keeping up to date on their actions is essential to being a politically conscious citizen. 

Keep reading, and we’ll give you a quick run down on what lobbyists do and the latest lobbying statistics straight from Congress today. 


What Is a Lobbying Firm?

Let’s start with the basics. A lobbying firm is an organization that tries to influence Congress to pass legislation in the interests of a certain group of people. For instance, the National Rifle Association has one of the most powerful lobbies in the U.S.

For an example of a typical successful U.S. lobbyist, check out Stan Lockhart of Utah. 

How Much Will Lobbyists Spend in 2021?

In both 2019 and 2020, lobbyists spent a total of about $3.5 billion. Lobbyists spent slightly less in 2020 than they did in 2019, but that is most likely due to the lessened power of the U.S. government during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

By the end of 2021, U.S. lobbyists will most likely spend at least $3.49 billion. With normalcy finally returning post-pandemic, they could easily surpass those numbers and spend over $3.51 billion.

What Are the Biggest Lobbying Groups?

The biggest lobbying groups in the U.S. right now are Facebook, Amazon, and The Internet Television Association. Various medical groups and insurance companies come in very closely behind these media giants. 

The larger and more well-funded an organization is, the stronger its lobby can be.

What Is the Public Opinion of Lobbyists?

Left-wing Americans are more likely to distrust lobbies than right-wing or centrist Americans. However, Democrats have gained trust in the government overall since 2017, so they could be on their way to being pro-lobby.

People who tend to be most pro-lobby are those with anarcho-capitalist or libertarian beliefs. However, anyone who believes in the power of free market capitalism tends to be in favor of these organizations’ freedoms. 

What Are the Most Shocking Lobbying Statistics?

Some of the most powerful lobbies in the country may surprise you. For instance, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce actually has one of the most powerful lobbies in Congress today.

Another shockingly well-funded lobby is the National Association of Realtors. 

Stay Up to Date on News From the Capitol

These lobbying statistics are just a small snippet of the important news coming to you from Washington D.C. Stay up to date on what happens at our nation’s capitol and you’ll never feel out of the political loop! 

In this rapidly changing political climate, every American should try to stay conscious of what’s going on in Congress. 

For more political news, you can check out the rest of our blog!

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