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The Latest UX Design Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020

Keeping track of the latest design trends is hard work, but not impossible. Technological advancements have allowed for higher processing power, which in turn significantly improves UX design capability.

As we usher in the new decade, it might be the ideal time to refine your UX design skills. Not only for the money-making aspect but also to unleash the inner creative in you.

Look around, and you’ll see probably at least five people on their smartphones or tablets. The popularity of any software product nowadays is anchored in the user experience. As a UX designer, it is your primary objective to tweak a product while keeping branding, function, and design in mind for optimum usability.

Technology rapidly evolves, and so do the trends in UX design. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the hottest design trends in UX for 2020. That way, you won’t be out of place when the newest UX designs come rolling out this year.


What Are the Factors That Influence User Experience?

UX design is user-centered. Although design trends keep changing constantly, what remains constant is the fact that the user must be satisfied. So don’t get carried away in the design aspect and forget all about the user.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind that will influence user experience.


Findability refers to how easy it is to find a particular product is. Remember, there’s no way users are going to buy a product if they can’t find it.

The same goes for content. Users are less likely to revisit or download your information product if they can’t find what they’re looking for.


It’s very easy for designers to overlook accessibility in their UX design. However, you should remember that not everyone is as capable as most people.

Accessibility means taking the disabled into account during your UX design. This means you consider people with visual, hearing, motion, or learning disabilities.

About 17.5% of the American population has some form of functional disability. Excluding these folks in your UX design could lock out a huge number of people. That percentage translates to about 35 million Americans.

Now think about the whole world, if you have a global product.


There’s a lot to desirability than just aesthetics. However, aesthetics do play a massive role in the desirability of a product. Other than aesthetics, you should consider the identity, image, and emotional connection of the project.

Desirability is where a lot of UX designers really shine. So we don’t have to say too much about this factor.


Your product must add value to the intended user. Otherwise, they will discard it after a short while. If your UX design is business-contracted, it must be an asset rather than a liability.

Without value addition, the success of your product pitch is likely to be a pipe dream.

UX Design Trends That Will Blow up This Year

Before getting to the juicy parts, you need to get it clear that UX and UI design are distinctively different. The two are somehow interrelated, but they are nonetheless fundamentally different. These differences make UX design and UI design separate things.

With that out of the way, let’s dive straight into hottest UX design trends that are shaping 2020.

Liquid Graphics

The liquid graphics we see today are a long way from what we used to see ten years ago. Nowadays, you’ll find liquid graphics everywhere, and people love them. So it might be a good idea to jump on the bandwagon.

Designers plan to integrate more colors and effects this year to make liquid graphics even more mesmerizing than ever.

Dark Themes

Thanks to the Mojave update, dark themes have become super popular among UX designers. It seems that the colorful themes became a bit trite. Nowadays, organizations and companies settle for the dark theme to stand out from the rest.

Even applications have rolled out updates that feature dark themes.


Illustrations add a bit of playfulness and cheer to an otherwise drab design. For illustrations, think hand-drawn graphics, pictures, and even vectors. The point of illustrations is to have nothing too serious.

Illustrations make content more relatable and enhance the screen’s artistic outlook. However, be keen with your illustration, just because it’s playful, it doesn’t mean anything goes.

The Minimalist Approach

Minimalism is a way to sneak a bit of laziness into a brilliant design. Minimalism suggests class, professionalism, and a dash of elitism. 

Minimalism also shows advancement from the colorful themed invasion of 2018. After all, 2020 is a whole new decade. If you pride in dealing with high-quality products, then minimalism is the approach you should take.


Personalization gives a client or a firm a sense of identity. Most clients would want products or content that reflects their organization identity or according to their preference.

Undoubtedly, you are a good UX designer, but always remember the customer is always right. So at times, it’s okay to have the backseat and let the client state his choices and preferences.

Photo-Centric Interfaces

Our phones’ screens are getting clearer and clearer. Apart from getting clearer, they’re also getting bigger and bigger.

You can leverage this size and clarity to your advantage by having photo-driven interfaces. Photography and pictures have a special place in people’s hearts. Just look at the popularity of Instagram.

If you choose this approach, you need to follow these two rules. First, look for relevant, high-quality pictures for visual appeal. Secondly, don’t cramp the phone screen with lots of pictures or it won’t look as good.

Personal Touch Is Still Important in UX Design

Remember, these UX design trends are just for guidance. Their personal flare determines good UX designers.  This is what will make you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Hopefully, you’re now acquainted with the latest UX design trends for this year. Now get to designing and make sure you share some of this juicy information.

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