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The User’s Guide to the Top Malware Protection Software Programs of 2018

The average cost of a data breach for business owners is a staggering 3.9 million dollars. Even if you don’t own a business, data breaches on personal computers can result in thousands of dollars worth of losses as a result of identity theft, file ransoms, and more.

At the end of the day, malware that aims to make your digital life harder sucks.

Your number one defense against it is investing in top malware protection programs.

That’s where we come in.

Our team has put together this article to help you filter through all of the malware products on the market and find the ultimate protection suite for your PC.


1. Norton Security Premium

Since 1990, Norton by Symantec has been the biggest name in household and commercial top malware protection. And why not?

The company regularly leads the charge with creating lightweight yet robust protection solutions that are simple for users to incorporate into their digital workflows.

Norton’s latest PC focused security release is no exception.

Norton Security Premium is the best protection you can get on your computer hands down. It does come at a steep price of $110.00 at the time of our writing.

Still, with 10 device licenses, it could be worth splitting the costs with friends and enjoying the comprehensive protection only Norton offers.

2. AVG Internet Security

Looking for great security with not so great interface? Probably not.

Unfortunately then, AVG’s latest internet security bundle does security incredibly well but leaves a little bit to be desired on the usability end.

Still, if you don’t mind spending a little extra time getting acquainted with this top malware protection program, you can save some money given it’s low $70 price tag and Norton quality protection.

3. Trend Micro Maximum Security

The internet has become increasingly sophisticated and with that sophistication has come a bevy of new threats (learn more about them). Given how complex protection has needed to get to keep you safe online, a lot of times top malware programs get too complicated for the average user.

That’s why we love Trend Micro Maximum Security.

This malware suite sacrifices very little in the way of performance and still manages to break everything you need to know up into four clear category icons while using the program.

And if you’re like most people who just need to scan for viruses occasionally, there’s a big red button directly in the middle of the user menu to do that. You can’t miss it.

That sort of simplicity is a breath of fresh air and makes this malware program our top pick for beginner to average grade PC users.

4. McAfee Total Protection

Another big name in cybersecurity graces our top malware protection program list. Its name is McAfee.

McAfee Antivirus Total Protection is a solid, well-performing choice that comes in at a variety of price points depending on what your needs are. Impact on your PC is nominal while running this program and McAfree comes with cool features like a McAfee web advisor which helps you discern areas online where your information will be safe.

Overall, McAfee is a solid choice. It does fall a little short though on value in comparison to some of our other picks.

5. Avast Premier

Avast is a popular up and comer in the malware protection industry. We were really impressed with what we saw from its most recent release of Avast Premier.

This PC tool looks exceptional with its charcoal backdrop and great purple and green accents. It also performs well which is typically a problem with lesser known malware programs that like to eat up a lot of your system’s memory.

All of this great interface and robust protection though does come at a price.

At $80.00, Avast is pricing itself in the range of juggernauts like AVG. We can’t help but feel that was a bit of an oversight.

6. Panda Dome Premium

Here is probably the most obscure and certainly the most expensive top malware protection program on our list – Panda Dome Premium.

Let’s get one thing straight, we like Panda Dome. It protects really well and does a great job of organizing its dizzying feature set.

Still, at its $116.00 price point, we’re not sure it’s your best option.

This malware program does come with a free VPN when you take on its premium subscription. That offsets some of its price point.

It also has live 24-hour tech support which can be helpful if you’re leveraging its products for commercial purposes or really just want someone to talk to when you’re setting up your anti-virus late at night.

Given the mixed performance of a lot of this program’s feature set, we can’t recommend that you pick up Panda Dome over other premium malware solutions we’ve mentioned on this list.

Keep your eye on this product though. As its stability improves, it could become a big-time player.

Wrapping Up Top Malware Protection Solutions

Whether you’re trying to secure your pre-existing machine or are purchasing a new computer you want to make sure doesn’t fall victim to online predators, you’re going to want to invest in a top malware protection tool.

Any of the suggestions we’ve outlined above will cover your needs.

Remember, good malware is a safety net. To ensure that you’re always setting your security up for success, stay mindful of the files you download and where they’re coming from.

Always do your best to browse the internet cautiously!

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