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Top 7 Revolutionary Video Game Trends of 2018

“Hey, listen!”

Before you look for Navi’s flitting form (probably to smash her to smithereens), you actually do want to listen. If you’re a gamer in 2018, you’re in for some new and exciting video game trends.

From the trickle-down effect of Fortnite to the still-popular vestigates of Pokemon GO!, gamers in 2018 have a lot to look forward to. And, even better, companies are responding to our cries of fury, impatience, and gratitude.

Curious what’s popping and what’s fizzling out? We’re here to tell you.


The 7 Top Video Game Trends of 2018

As technology progresses, so does the gaming industry and gamers’ expectations. Here’s what’s coming your way.

1. Esports

Forget watching college football. Try League of Legends and the like.

The past few years have seen an explosive growth in the esports industry. Some experts anticipate the sector will grow by 38% from 2017 to 2018, leading to a whopping $905 million in revenue.

2. Battle Royale

Given the recent popularity of Fortnite, it comes as no surprise that we’re expecting a huge surge on the battle royale forefront.

Throwing hundreds of players into a world, then shrinking the safe zone until only a few remain? What’s not to like?

3. Fewer Pay-to-Win

Star Wars Battlefront II. If you’ve been up to date on the microtransactions and loot-box controversy, we need say no more.

There’s nothing more frustrating to a talented gamer than video games that give paying players a huge one-up. In response to the disgruntled community of players tired of gaming companies “encouraging” real-money spending in-game, many developers are shying away from this trend.

4. Minecraft Isn’t Going Anywhere

Some gamers just don’t get it, but even we can’t deny it’s still popular. And growing.

The monthly player count was at almost 75 million at the start of 2018. From 2017, the game snatched up an additional 20 million players.

That’s more than the populations of France, the UK, and Italy.

Sure, it doesn’t look pretty, but the creation options are endlessly enticing and offer opportunities for sharing. Just take a look at this Minecraft Seed List to see what we mean.

5. Regular Console Upgrades

By “regular” we mean companies are abandoning the seven-year-cycles. Since technology and software are taking off so quickly, it’s a no-brainer that companies would start producing more models with incremental changes.

X-Box and Sony, for instance, are offering newer models with better solutions for 4K resolution and HMD. These consoles help players utilize up-to-date technology, especially where their smartphones are concerned.

6. Augmented Reality

Virtual reality might be the next big thing . . . but not yet. It still has a long way to go and a lot of hurdles to tackle.

Augmented reality, however, continues to take off. After Pokemon GO, video game companies scrambled to get in on the hype. AR offers an immersive experience with fewer obstacles that VR.

Furthermore, it’s a lot more accessible. Practically every smartphone has AR capabilities.

This year might not see it take off like Mario being shot out of a cannon, but it will continue to grow.

7. Mobile-Cross Platforms

Speaking of phones . . .

Everyone wants to take their goodies with them when they travel, and that includes games. However, lugging your gaming PC or console across the country isn’t the most convenient thing, which is why more companies are turning to mobile-cross platforms.

Ready to PWN?

This year is bringing some exciting new video game trends to the party while older inclinations sit on the back burner.

If you’re interested in tech, read all about the latest news and advancements at our site.

(Spoiler alert: we’ll probably be waiting awhile.)

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