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Tis’ the Season to Binge Watch: The Best New Shows to Watch in 2019

Temperatures may soon dip, but the streaming wars are just heating up!

On average, people spend six hours per day streaming video content from their favorite sites. But with these awesome new shows, six hours might seem like chump change.

Here are a few of this year’s best shows that you can’t miss out on!


Living With Yourself (Netflix)

Starring Paul Rudd and…Paul Rudd, Living With Yourself is a dark comedy about what happens when you’re forced to compete with a version of yourself that’s better in every way.

Don’t be fooled by the first episode — Living With Yourself gets increasingly funny and outrageous as it goes on. And since each episode is only around 26 minutes, so you can binge the entire show in an afternoon.

Creepshow (Shudder)

If you’re a horror fanatic, Shudder is about to become your favorite streaming service.

Aside from dozens of original movies and series, as well as a vast library of classic and contemporary horror flicks, podcasts, and TV shows, your Shudder subscription now includes the fantastic Creepshow.

Part homage to the classic Stephen King/George Romero flick and part update, Creepshow offers the kind of a blend between horror and humor that we’ve missed on TV.

To see what the fuss is about, you can also visit o2tvseries.

The Politician (Netflix)

The Politician is House of Cards for teens and adolescents. The series revolves around over-achiever and cutthroat teenage politician Payton Hobart and his friends/cabinet members (did we mention he takes school politics seriously?) on their quest to win their classmates’ votes.

While every character is flawed and unlikeable in their own horrible ways, by the time the final credits roll you might just find yourself surprised at how deep The Politician gets.

Castle Rock (Season 2) (Hulu)

After a divisive first season, Hulu’s original Stephen King-based series is back for an all-new story.

This season, Castle Rock revolves around Annie Wilkes — yes, the Annie Wilkes from King’s dread-inducing story Misery and her struggle to combat her psychotic tendencies.

While you can’t binge every episode right away, the first three episodes are available for streaming right now, with new episodes hitting each Wednesday.

American Horror Story: 1984 (FX/FX Now)

American Horror Story has had its ups and downs. Okay, mostly downs. Still, it’s a guilty pleasure of ours, and this season is perhaps the franchise’s best.

1984 draws heavily from classic slasher flicks like Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp, and Maniac, making for a gore-soaked camp-fest that still includes plenty of AHS’ signature humor.

The Righteous Gemstones (HBO)

With its freshman season wrapping up a few weeks ago, The Righteous Gemstones might be HBO’s best new series this week.

Gemstones features an all-star cast including John Goodman, Eastbound & Down’s Danny McBride, Workaholics’ Adam Devine, stand-up star Edi Patterson, and Justified’s Walton Goggins as the owners of a family-operated megachurch.

Suffice to say, just about everyone in the cast has ulterior motives, causing some serious chaos.

But what’s truly impressive about Gemstones is how each story intertwines in satisfying and often surprising manners. Don’t get caught misbehavin’, catch up on The Righteous Gemstones stat!

The Best New Shows to Binge

These new shows should be enough to keep you busy for a while, so grab a blanket and some popcorn and cuddle up. It’s time to binge!

And when you’re done with these new shows, make sure to come back for even more info on the best entertainment.

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