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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Laptops for Work

When the pandemic started last year, most office workers were sent home by their employers to work remotely. Recent research even revealed that at least 20 percent of the office workforce could work remotely. Thankfully, companies have allowed many employees to continue to work from home even as the pandemic has slowed down.

Of course, these changes meant leaving behind a comfy office space, and more importantly, desktop computers. Are you one of the many who have been sent home to work remotely? 

Buying laptops for work can be a challenge, as there are so many on the market. Today, we will see five factors that will help you when buying laptops online.


1. Keyboard Type

The odds are that you’ll be typing for many hours in the day, so having a comfortable keyboard is a must. Some popular laptop brands design their keyboards ergonomically, perhaps by adding some space between keys.

Also, examine if the keyboard has a backlight feature, which is perfect if you ever work in a dark environment. 

2. Battery Life

Something that makes laptops so mobile is the fact you can take them anywhere. Of course, if the battery life is short on it, then you’ll be limited on how long you can go before charging it. So when buying laptops for work, be sure to get one with at least a battery life of five to eight hours. 

Having such a long battery life will allow you to move around the house, or even elsewhere, without having to worry about finding the nearest outlet. 

3. Types of Laptops

Even though all laptops look similar, they still have certain features that make them different. 

For example, if you move around a lot, you might want to look for a 2-in-1 laptop, so if you need to detach the keyboard and use the screen like a tablet, you can. If you like to play video games during your downtime, looking for one that offers the required specs to play games is a must. 

If you work in the data science field, you’ll want to look for the best laptop for data science 2021

4. Screen Quality

You will most likely be staring at a screen for an extended period. If the screen doesn’t have a blue light feature, your eyes will suffer a lot. 

If privacy is essential to you, look for a privacy screen filter. This will prevent people from seeing what you’re doing from a certain angle and distance. 

5. Specifications 

Having the latest laptop software is essential, but it’s also good to look at the hardware. Different types of laptops perform specific tasks better than others. There are a few specs you should always take a look at regardless of your job.

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Graphics Card
  • Ports

If possible, get the very best of each of the previous specs, and you’ll have a smooth time working from home.

Buying Laptops for Work Done Right

Hopefully, with this list, you’ll have an easier time when buying laptops for work. Of course, if possible, you should try to test out the laptop before buying it, as this will provide you a more reliable idea if it’s the one for you. 

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