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TV Streaming for Apple TV with Google Photos Update


New and interesting improvements have arrived this week for the Google Photos application and these take form in the ability to stream your videos and photos on an Apple TV.  On top of that, this can be achieved completely wireless without having the need for the two devices to be connected.

This has been a long awaited feature, since the day the application has been released two years ago. The wait is finally over, and now with the 2.14 update, users are able to finally stream entire libraries of Google Photo content to their TVs, regardless if they possess an Apple TV or Chromecast.

A Google Trend

It is quite noticeable that Google has been recently trying to improve their application in a subtle way if you start analyzing it. Photos has seen quite a few new mechanics and improvements add it to it in recent periods. It has received automatic white balancing, support for Live Photos, video stabilization, and other such features.

Live Photos has been introduced to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and is designed to improve the vitality and aesthetics of standard photos. More specifically, it also captures 1.5 seconds of time before and after the shot and it uses that footage to help animate the photograph with sound and movement.

Google is quite visibly trying to stay in contest with Apple on the media sharing market. This is noticeable with the release of the Motion Stills feature that permits users to modify Live Photos and configure them into GIFs or even small movies for ease of sharing.

The Google Photos app can be downloaded for free on the iPhone and iPad devices directly from the App Store.

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