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UC Browser: Get To Know It And How It Works For Your Advantage


It is understandable that people would want to have a browser that can meet their needs. So, it is necessary that a particular browser can rise up to the challenge. The most popular Internet browsers that you might have heard of so far are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer, among others. Nevertheless, one browser offers the same services in a more efficient and faster way is the UC Browser.

UC Browser is a mobile browser owned by Alibaba Group of China and developed by UCWeb, a Chinese mobile Internet company. It was launched way back in April 2004, which is now available on different platforms, such as iOS, Java ME, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Android, and Blackberry.

Not all people are aware of the new mobile Internet browser called UC Browser. But, it has gained popularity because of its well-thought Download Manager. Moreover, you can have lightning fast download capability, as it is referred to as the fastest tool of such that you can find. Likewise, even if you are downloading something, it doesn’t affect the loading times for the pages that you are currently using.

Here are some of the advantages of using UC Browser on your PC or mobile devices.

  • Saves Data – According to a survey, UC Browser was able to save up to 79% more data in comparison to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, considering 1GB of Web pages have been loaded.
  • Download Management – Even with simultaneous downloads, the browser still manages to continue even as the app is closed. Likewise, it can resume automatically when a download has been interrupted for a particular reason.  This is because the download manager will automatically sort downloaded files on the basis of their type and will place them in the appropriate folders.
  • Data Compression – UC Browser was already performing rendering and compression works on its servers since 2006. This is the same with the operation of a thin client. With smart data compression, it will reduce the consumption of data while users are browsing.
  • Cloud System – According to UCWeb, the cloud system used by the browser tends to fetch data from the closest available servers. This makes the process of loading smoother and quicker for the convenience of the users.
  • Grabbing Video – In locations with slow or expensive cellular data or Wi-Fi Internet connection, it is more favorable to download the movie file. This is a more suitable option in comparison to streaming them online.
  • Lite View – UC Browser is capable of rendering fully functional pages, which is quite suited for slow networks. In fact, it is a much suitable browser for 2G Internet connection or for those who are not able to get 3G or 4G/ LTE connectivity.

Operating System Compatibility

UC Browser is also compatible to almost all platforms that you can find out there. In fact, there is one that was launched specially for Windows 10. Moreover, it is compatible with iOS, Symbian, and Android mobile devices.

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