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Major Clash of Clans Update A Huge Factor To Lure Back Lost Players


A lot of people are looking at the current Clash of Clans update, but it seems it didn’t meet the expectations of the fans. Part of the new rumors was the alleged update that brings about a fourth hero, shipwreck, and a gem mine into the mix.

For the moment, the new update from Supercell only involves the Heal Spell event, which allows players to take advantage of the 90% price reduction. The company then announced to its official Web page on Twitter that fans should be happy about this discount, which can be of great help when making raids.

Major Update

Well, it is not the end of good things to come, because Supercell has re-confirmed about a major update to be released for the game Clash of Clans. Although the announcement has been made, it was indicative of a May 2017 event instead.

New Hero, Gem Mine, Shipwreck?

The good thing though is the possibility of the rumors to be true and that the new major update for Clash of Clans will indeed include a shipwreck, a 4th hero, and a gem mine. Thus, most players who has temporarily left the game might come back and re-install it on their mobile devices.

Rumors About New Heroes

According to rumors, if there should be a 4th hero to be highlighted in the Clash of Clans, it will either be a Wizard King or a Goblin Hero. Apparently, if it is going to include a new gem mine, there will be a currency that will be brought to the game to allow players to train some new troops with it.

For the record, it is not the intention of Supercell to reveal too much information about the Clash of Clans update. Nevertheless, the said rumors about the upcoming major update should be more than enough to lure back lost players into the game.

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