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UC Browser vs. Vivaldi – Best Features and OS Comparison


You can’t deny that the best thing about working on a PC is the fact that you can open a browser at any time and Google whatever you need. At this point you find out how useful browsers are. Usually the most popular ones are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but there are also other useful and interesting ones, such as Vivaldi and UC Browser.


UC Browser gained its popularity through the fact that it has a well-thought Download Manager. They have the fastest such tool you can find, and you can download files in mere seconds with it. Moreover, the fact that you are downloading something is not going to affect that loading times for the pages you’re looking at.

On the other hand, Vivaldi is appreciated because it has a very nice user interface. It has a minimalistic UI, relying on basic icons, color schemes and fonts. However, the main advantage is that you can customize it and make it more personal.

Operating System

The good news is that the UC Browser works with almost all platforms available out there. You might want to know that a special Windows 10 edition has been recently launched, and besides this one, UC is compatible with Android, iOs and Symbian. Meanwhile, Vivaldi can only be used on Windows, Linux and Mac.

All in all, both of these browsers are excellent choices. But besides offering us great options for browsing, there is something more we can learn from here: that we should never limit our choices just to one popular option. Sometimes the smallest products can surprise you, offering great features. And this happens because there are developers out there who do a great job, but don’t have the same money as the tech giants do to invest in marketing.

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