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How Safe Is the Battery of the Samsung Galaxy S8?


You’ve probably heard that Samsung smartphone batteries have proved to have a less than acceptable level of safety. We’re looking at you, Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The battery of certain Samsung devices has been known to severely malfunction up to the point of literally exploding, which is a huge inconvenience if you consider how much these devices generally cost.

I mean, when you pay a lot for something, you expect it to be of high quality, right? Well, Samsung has finally promised to keep up with safety and quality standards, and improved the battery on their newest addition to the Galaxy flagship line, the Samsung Galaxy X8.

No More Exploding Battery

The Internet was quick to investigate whether or not the promised made by the Korean tech giant was just for show or not. Thus, videos started appearing of various experiments conducted on Samsung Galaxy S8 batteries, and the results are in ladies and gentlemen: Samsung indeed held up to their word and the new battery is safer than ever.

When pierced, any phone’s battery would generally create some sort of sparks or flames, and even explode in some cases (i.e. the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery). However, the new and improved Galaxy S8 comes with a batter that reacts in a much safer fashion to damage. The device’s battery only leaks a bit and swells up, which is a much safer reaction when pierced.

All in all, we’re glad to see Samsung finally put their money where their mouth is with this new addition to their flagship Galaxy smartphone line. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is thus the safest device the company came up with so far, and worldwide customers surely are glad about it. In fact, the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are predicted to skyrocket in the next couple of months due to this.

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