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How to Update Google Earth and Pro Version


With the Google Earth update bringing in new features – amazing ones, you should consider updating your own copy. This can happen automatically or manually, depending on the existing application in your device.

Google Earth is available in Basic and Pro version. Between the two, Google Earth Pro has added features right off the bat. These include:

  • Advanced GIS data importing
  • Ability to measure area, circumference, and radius on the ground
  • Ability to print screenshots at high resolution

On Windows and Mac, you can also make offline movies you can share.

Both applications, however, has the same operating system requirements.

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 or newer for PC
  • Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later for Mac
  • LSB 4.1 (Linux Standard Base) libraries for Linux

With any of these applications pre-installed, Google Earth will update to the latest version automatically.

You can then enjoy new features, such as the following:

Voyager – For access to curated journeys around the world.

New 3D view – For better, more detailed 3D view of places, mountains, and more.

Knowledge Cards – For access to insights and detailed information of places you want to explore.

Interactive Stories – Around 40 books that tell interesting stories about various locations and travel experiences

Feeling Lucky – For when you want to explore, less-traveled destinations.

If you need to update Google Earth manually, you would need to download the most recent direct installers – 6.2 and 7.x available for Windows and Mac. Visit the Google Earth support page for access to these installers.

What comes with Google Earth Pro’s latest update?

  • Print pictures in higher resolutions
  • Get information updates on traffic count, parcels, and so much more.
  • Edit and transfer movies in Quicktime HD and Windows Media.
  • Take better measurements that the pre-existing measurement feature.

Should you go Pro or stick with the Google Earth basic?

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