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Which Video Calling App Is Best On Data and Security?


Are you looking for an app that offers a video calling function that doesn’t consume a lot of data? Here’s a look at how much data WhatsApp, Skype, and FaceTime tend to use if you’re not using them on Wi-Fi.

WhatsApp announced it was offering a video calling feature – something that was already in beta for a bit of time. With the mass rollout, WhatsApp offers the encrypted video facility to its billion users around the world. The feature lets users do face-to-face calls whenever and whoever they want.


The First Video Calling Feature

It was Skype that first introduced the feature, with FaceTime following next with its pre-installation of on millions of Apple devices.

If there is no Wi-Fi connection, using FaceTime and Skype can get costly because your data is being used. For a four-minute phone call, here’s what the data consumption of each one is:

8.8 MB12.3 MB12.74 MB

FaceTime offers a good video quality, unlike WhatsApp and Skype. When the interlocutor is switched to mobile, the video is also pixelated on FaceTime, and it lags.

Each app has fairly good video quality but if you’re concerned about data, FaceTime doesn’t use very much and the one to go with.

How Viber, Telegram, and WhatsApp Address User Security

Due to the extreme popularity of instant messaging apps, there have been numerous ones developed for users to choose from. Still, the rise in popularity means a rise in hacking attempts. This is making it hard for some people to know which one to choose? If you’ve narrowed down your decision to three –Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp – you may wonder what the differences are between them when it comes to your safety and security.

How They Handle Security

whatsapp security
Each app provides end-to-end encryption, meaning messages are encrypted to ensure total privacy for both sender and receiver. Telegram first implemented the technology; WhatsApp was next and Viber just implemented it in April 2017. Bear in mind that the technology is only available on the latest Viber version.

Using Two-Step Authentication

WhatsApp recently got a software update and implemented a two-step authentication system, which is an additional firewall that shows up when you log in. This gives you even more protection for information you send and receive. You have to type in a passcode of six digits each time a device is registered to the account. And, if you forget that code, you can use your email address.

What Does Telegram Have To Offer?

Telegram’s Secret Chats ensures it’s the best over WhatsApp and Viber. What happens you send a special chat that will self-destruct after some time. You can pick which chat to destroy late on. The device you send the message to is the only one that can get the message. On top of that, Telegram will change encryption keys after a week or when they’re used over 100 times.

The app can send a variety of data files as well.

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