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Finally, You Can Jailbreak New Apple TV 4th Generation in 2018


Are you the proud owner of an Apple TV 4K? If so, then you’ve got a great product on your hands. You can use it for all kinds of things – not just watching TV. You have the ability to download apps from the tvOS App Store and use the 4K+ high-dynamic range for video content.

Some Apple TV 4K owners love what the tvOS App Store has, but they still want more. This is what is known as jailbreaking.  Want to know how to jailbreak your Apple TV 4K device?

How To Successfully Jailbreak Your Apple TV 4K

  • Download Xcode from the Mac App Store and paid it with your Apple TV 4K through the Mac.
  • Launch the Xcode program.
  • At the top right main menu tab, look for Window, Devices, and Stimulators to find the UDID.
  • Visit and register your TV.
  • Go to the Apple Developer site and log into your Account and go to Certificates, Identifiers and
  • Click the + button to add the Apple TV, where you put in UDID.
  • Come up with a new tvOS project using the Xcode on the Mac, adding it to your Apple ID.

Keep in mind that using a free developers’ account, you need to sideload the app each week. If you pay for it, the app can be used for one year.

  • In Xcode, you should see a Team tab that lets you pick a team name from the account. You’ll get both a signing certificate and provisioning profile.
  • Open the iOS App Signer package and carry out the instructions. You need to have .DEB file of the app you want to be sideloaded on the TV. You want the Provisioning Profile and Signing Certificate to be similar to the Xcode. Then .DEB file is changed to a signed IPA file so that you can sideload the apps.

If you don’t have the iOS App Signer package, you’ll need to download it.

Once you’re done with the signed IPA file, return to the Xcode menu tab by going to the Windows, Device, and Simulators, and +. Pick the IPA file the iOS App Signer gave you.

This will ensure that your Apple TV 4K is coupled with the Xcode. Sideload the apps via Xcode and look through the Installed Apps.

By going this route and jailbreaking your device, the TV will be a lot more fun.

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