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Why there will never be a Fallout: New Vegas 2


There’s been quite a few Fallout games but only a couple have completely stood out. The original ones were obviously amazing but their aged graphics won’t interest a lot of people. Fallout 3 was amazing but it still had its downfalls, but Fallout: New Vegas was simply exceptional.

There will be spoilers from here on out.

A major issue with Fallout 3 is obviously the “illusion” of having a choice. There are certain things that will happen regardless of what you do. Key characters in Megaton will survive even if you set off the atomic bomb over there. There is no way for you to be able to save your father. Your karma doesn’t matter in the long run at all. The factions are either-or instead of being actual factions with motivations and objectives.

Fallout 3’s choices are nothing compared to the ones that New Vegas gives you.


How good was New Vegas?

There are several ways to finish a single quest. There’s eight different factions you can juggle your reputation with. Sure you get a free “reputation reset” once you deal with House but it’s still well-written.

Beyond just the missions and objectives, New Vegas is way more immersive as well. Your outfits actually affect the way NPCs react to you. Beyond just factions, the major civilian zones also have their own reputations for you to keep track of. Words cannot explain how well New Vegas is, we’d simply suggest that you pick it up and mod it enough for it to look good. The game still has a good enough following that we might get a remastered version, a sequel though?

Why there won’t ever be a Fallout: New Vegas 2

Bethesda has never actually done direct sequels to any of their open world RPG titles. The Elder Scrolls series has seen them jumping from one province to the next without ever doing direct sequels. Similarly all the Fallout games take place in different locations and rarely, if ever, link events to each other.

This is because direct sequels to RPG titles cause a major problem. They set events as canon, oh you had the choice to let a character die or to save their life? Well, the sequel says that you saved them. Your character was as evil as it was possible for you to be? Nah man the sequel’s forgiven all your mistakes.

Making a sequel to New Vegas would negate the first game entirely, if nothing else a remaster would be wonderful but players are much more interested in visiting more locations. Because after all, its much more exciting to explore a new place than it is to revisit a place we’ve all practically memorized.

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