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VidMate Version 3.4.6 APK Download by VidMate


VidMate is one of the most famous Android applications for downloading videos from streaming websites. Although it mostly focuses on downloading videos from YouTube. The app still lets you download from various other sources as well.

Since Google isn’t a fan of letting people download content from YouTube, you won’t find VidMate on the Play Store. So let us guide you through the download and installation process of the latest VidMate v3.4.6.


Getting VidMate v3.4.6 on Android

Android doesn’t allow you to directly install applications from third parties without enabling it through the settings. So if you’re interested in installing VidMate you’ll need to go through three steps.

  1. Allow applications from Unknown Sources to be installed.
  2. Downloading a genuine APK of VidMate.
  3. Installing VidMate v3.4.6

Allowing applications from Unknown Sources

Simply go to your device’s settings and scroll down to tap Privacy & Security settings. Look for a checkbox next to “Unknown Sources” and tick it so your phone may install applications from sources other than Google’s Play Store.

It’s important to mention that you should be very careful of which applications you install on your phone. People often fall prey to fake android apps which don’t actually perform the promised and only act as malware on your phone.

Downloading a genuine APK of VidMate

The best way to get an authentic VidMate APK is to go directly to their own download page. Doing so should prompt you to download the APK file which contains everything you’ll need to install the app on your device.

It is important to double check that you only download from genuine sources and not from third parties. So remember to only get the APK file from VidMate’s own website and nowhere else.

Installing VidMate v3.4.6

After you’ve finished downloading the APK file, simply open it and you’ll be prompted to install it. You’ll also be asked to allow various permissions to be granted. Once the installation has been completed you’ll have full access to all the features VidMate grants.

Updating Vidmate

When it comes to updates though, you won’t really have Google Play helping you out. You’ll have to manually download the next version’s APK file and install it over your existing one. In order to do that simply go to VidMate’s download page we linked above and go through the same steps.

Unfortunately though, all of this only works for Android devices because they don’t need to be jailbreaked like iOS devices if you wish to install third party apps. Apple users are mostly stuck with apps only from the iTunes App Store unless they decide to jailbreak.

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