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Dell XPS 15 vs. MacBook 15 – This is the Best Laptop for Traveling


Laptop consumers can be a pretty tough crowd to please, because the limitations of laptops usually stand in the way of manufacturers putting in everything a pretentious consumer might want their device to have. That being said when you finally use a laptop that feels incredibly sturdy performance-wise, you can’t help but applaud the manufacturer’s efforts. Two of the laptops that are able to produce such a reaction out of their audience are the XPS 15 from Dell and Apple’s own MacBook 15. Many might wonder what sets these two beasts apart and today we’ll going to look deeper into that inquiry. Here are the key differences between the two devices and how each can impress users.


Dell XPS 15

Dell’s laptop comes with a max configuration of 32 GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage. That alone is outstanding, but when you couple it with the Core i7-7700HQ processing unit and the GTX 1050 graphics processor, you have yourself a remarkable device. It also features a 4K display which takes things up a notch than your “regular” full HD experience.

MacBook 15

The MacBook comes with the 6700HQ model of the i7 processor and the graphics choice of a Radeon Pro 450. Additional specs include 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD memory. It comes with Apple’s trademark quality displays that produce a crisp image but given the lower capabilities of the graphics card, it’s questionable how much that matters.

While both devices are capable of dishing out great performance even worthy of a desktop configuration, the clear spec advantages of the Dell laptop make it the obvious choice in this situation. That’s not saying that the MacBook 15 is a bad laptop. However, given the opportunity, most people would choose the better and cheaper option. Dell’s XPS 15 is by no means cheap, but in comparison with the MacBook price you could say that it’s a little lighter on a user’s financials.  Dell XPS 15 manages to offer a price that saves you more than $300 in comparison to the MacBook, which goes for around $2400.

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