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Want to Have Google Chrome on Your Mobile Phone? Here’s How


There are many mobile browsers nowadays, but you won’t go wrong with choosing Google Chrome. It’s lightweight and won’t bog down your mobile device, and it’s built with excellent security to help maintain your online safety. It also comes with various features that help you save time, such as auto-filling information on forms, providing search suggestions, and instantly syncing your activities on your desktop and mobile devices.

There’s no need to fret since installing Google Chrome on your device is easy. We’ve listed the steps you need to take below:

For Android devices

  1. Go to the Google Play Store.
  1. Search for “Google Chrome”. Choose the “Chrome Browser – Google” app from the search results.
  1. Tap on the “Install” button.
  1. Open the Chrome app to start browsing.

For iOS devices

  1. Go to iTunes.
  1. Search for “Google Chrome”. Choose “Google Chrome – The Fast and Secure Web Browser” from the search results.
  1. Tap on the “Get” button.
  1. Tap “Install”.
  1. Type in your Apple password and tap “OK”.
  1. Find the Chrome app on your Home screen and open it to start browsing.
  1. You can add Google Chrome to your dock to have easy access to it. Make sure your dock has enough space; if it doesn’t, you can make room by dragging an app to your Home screen. Once there’s an empty space, touch and hold on the Chrome app and drag it to the dock.

For Windows 8 and 10 mobile devices

Unfortunately, Google Chrome is not available on Windows 8 and 10 mobile devices. This is understandable especially for Windows 10 phones since they’re built with Edge, which is Microsoft’s very own browser and one of Chrome’s biggest competitors. Windows 8 and 10 do support a Google Search app, which you can download from the Microsoft Store.

Final Thoughts

Getting Google Chrome is easy if you’re using an Android or iOS device. Take the steps above to install Google Chrome on your device and enjoy the benefits it offers.

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