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Mozilla Firefox Update Should Be Done Via Official Website Only


It is important to update Firefox to its latest version. This is particularly true when the browser is not working, as you would have expected it to. Moreover, each version released fixes bugs, which prevents inconvenience on the part of the users. Most of all, it is so easy to update Firefox browser to its latest version.

Updating Firefox

You can do it by downloading and installing the file directly from Mozilla with this link: However, this would depend on how you have configured Firefox on your end. In fact, this can be completely automatic. You can check your settings by clicking on Options > Advanced > Update in your browser.

Latest Version of Firefox

On March 28, 2017, Mozilla released Firefox version 52.0.2. This version fixed some bugs and errors, particularly when changing the default browser setting. In the case of Linux, this version fixed the frequent crashing when starting up Firefox.

Other Versions of Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is also available for other operating systems, such as Mac and Linux, aside from Windows. It is also available on both 32 and 64-bit versions. At the same time, Firefox is available for iOS devices via the App Store and Android devices via the Play Store.

You might encounter a lot of websites offering the latest version of Firefox. However, most of them come bundled with unwanted software along with some additional features that you might find annoying. In order to save yourself the trouble, you should download only from the official Mozilla website.

Beware of Fraudulent Sites

Take note that Firefox provides an automated mechanism to handle background update. For this reason, you will never be prompted to download and execute a file manually. In fact, you can simply automate the update process through the settings, which will give you a hassle-free experience.

Most of the time, users are redirected to fake pages, which would encourage them to respond to an urgent or critical update. Some get ads that would prompt users to download a recent Firefox update. Remember that most of these are scam tactics to trick you to install malware.

Make sure that when you update your browser, it is via the official website or via automatic update from the browser settings.

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