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What Does Mobile Friendly Mean in the World of Web Design?

Did you know that by 2025, nearly 72% of the world will access the internet using only a smartphone? 

If you want to future proof your website, you need to make sure it is ‘mobile friendly.’ However, if you don’t know much about web development, you might find yourself asking the question, ‘what does mobile friendly mean?’

Below you’ll discover some tips that’ll help you learn more about the importance of creating a mobile friendly site. With the help of this post, you’ll know all that you need to know about creating a mobile friendly site.

Let’s begin! 


What Does Mobile Friendly Mean?

If your website is mobile friendly, it means that it’s easy for people to use your website while on a mobile device.  

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it will be hard for visitors to find relevant bits of information. Visitors will also struggle when clicking on certain links, as ‘buttons’ will not be optimized for a mobile experience.

This a problem because visitors will become frustrated, and so they’ll decide to leave your site. 

It’s also worth noting that search engines will review how mobile friendly your site is when determining rankings. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, there’s a good chance that your rankings will suffer. 

How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you can create a mobile friendly site. Well, the approach you take will depend on the current design of your website. 

If you have a WordPress website, then making your site mobile friendly is often as simple as installing a ‘mobile friendly theme’. Luckily, such themes aren’t expensive, and you can often get one for under $100. 

However, if you have a basic HTML site, you’ll probably need to bring in a professional. That’s because you’ll need to alter the actual code of your website, and if you’re not a web developer, this is a challenging thing to do. 

Fortunately, a website design firm should be able to help you with this. With their help, you should end up with a website that automatically adjusts itself so that it looks good on any screen size. 

If you want to verify the effectiveness of a given design, ask someone to use your site while on a mobile device. If they struggle to perform certain tasks, it’s a sign that you need to keep working on your site. 

Time to Build a Mobile Friendly Website?    

Now that you’ve finished this post, you should be able to answer the question, ‘what does mobile friendly mean?’

While you must create a mobile friendly site, this isn’t something that you want to rush into. If you move too quickly, your new site might be mobile friendly, but it might not represent your brand in the best possible way. 

You’ll probably need to go through multiple rounds of revision until you end up with a site that you’re happy with. Yet, once you have a mobile friendly site, there’s no doubt that your business will benefit from your forward-thinking approach. 

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