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What Is Brand Awareness and How to Get More of It in 2021

How will your business stand out from the crowd?

With millions of businesses re-opening during this pandemic, it’s hard to get the attention of consumers. The best strategy to make your business stand out is by building brand awareness. 

But what is brand awareness? In this guide, we’ll give you a short explanation of brand awareness and its benefits. Read on to learn why brand awareness is essential to your business. 


What Is Brand Awareness? 

Brand awareness is a term used to describe the degree of customer recognition. How many potential customers are familiar with your brand logo or name? Customers should remember you by something, including your location, slogan, or packaging. 

Without awareness, customers won’t consider your brand when purchasing. Increasing brand awareness reduces your reliance on waiting for consumers to find you by chance. If you need to know more, consider heading here for more info.

How to Measure Brand Awareness

Start by conducting surveys through website, telephone, or email. You can ask a random group of people if they know your brand and products. You can also ask your existing customers how they got to know your brand. 

Another way to measure your brand awareness is by checking your website traffic. Check how many people search your website, use the browser bookmark, or clicked on a link. 

The most effective method is to check social media. Take a look at how many people are talking about your brand and what their opinions are. This is also part of a strategy known as social listening

Build Brand Awareness

You can build brand awareness more effectively by implementing it into your marketing campaign. Start by adopting a strategy that tailors to your target audience. Advertise in mediums that your customers usually use, such as social media and TV. 

Get involved with media relations and influencers. Work with publications that can portray your message in a valuable and credible way. Join hands with influencers from big platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another strategy you should incorporate. It improves not only awareness but also traffic, leads, rates, and so on. 

Why You Need Brand Awareness

Brand awareness acts as your foundation when starting ground up. The more that consumers see you online, the more they’ll think of your brand during purchase. It can also build trust between you and your customers. 

Do you want to stand out from the millions of businesses online and offline? Brand awareness sets you apart from typical businesses and pays off in the long run. Reputation is an essential factor, especially during this digital age with the present pandemic.  

Start Your Brand Awareness Campaign Today!

Now you know the answer to the question, what is brand awareness? This is your first step to starting a new business or improving your current one. Take your time in building a relationship with customers and other businesses to build brand awareness. 

Want to know more about brand awareness? Take the next step by check-in out the rest of our guides with helpful information and tips. 

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