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The Complete Guide That Makes It Simple to Open a Medical Supply Store

Over 500,000 new businesses are founded each month. There are now 30.2 million small businesses in the US. These businesses make up 99.9% of all US businesses.

Are you dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur? There’s no time like the present! With these tips, you can open a medical supply store with ease.

The medical industry is thriving right now! By learning how to open an online medical supply store, you can take advantage of these new business opportunities. You can work with industry-leading medical practitioners and help people around the country.

Not sure where to get started?

Here are the tips you need to open your medical supply business. With these tips, you can get started in no time! Become your own boss with these easy tips today.


1. Start Researching

Don’t rush to open your online medical supply store just yet. Before anything else, it’s important to start with a little research.

Researching the industry will help you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOTs). Take a look at other medical supply stores online. What products are they selling?

You might notice exam gloves and masks are still in high demand right now. While the demand is high, you might find these products are highly competitive, too.

Instead, use your market research to determine what products you want to sell, such as:

  • Feeding tubes
  • Exam gloves
  • Home-care items (bedpans, medical beds, etc.)
  • Home diagnostic tests

Make a list of the items you want to sell. Then, you can start building your brand around these products.

A Niche

While choosing the products you want to sell, consider choosing a distinct niche. A niche will help you focus on a specific target audience. Ask yourself:

  • Is there an underserved market that needs medical supplies?
  • How can I get supplies to doctors faster?
  • Would doctors use a subscription service or online portal?
  • Do I know any experts in a medical niche? What problems are they facing within the niche?

Answering these questions could help you identify new business opportunities. 


It’s important to create a distinct brand for your online medical supply store. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to stand out from other stores in the industry.

Look at the competition. Then, find a unique value you can offer customers that they can’t find anywhere else. Make your unique value the heart of your brand. 

Then, determine your:

  • Logo
  • Color scheme
  • Font styles
  • Imagery styles
  • Tone
  • Voice
  • Personality

These elements will come together to create your distinctive brand. Don’t forget to consider a name for your business, too!

2. Find Funding

About 20% of small businesses fail within the first year. One of the main reasons businesses fail is due to a lack of funding. 

As the medical field continues to grow, medical supplies can become increasingly expensive. You’ll need to determine what type of supplies you want to sell first. Only then can you determine how much money you’ll need to get your business up and running.

You can explore different funding options, including bootstrapping. Bootstrapping will require you to rely on your own money for a while.

If that’s not an option, consider a small business loan. You’ll need to work with a financial lender to get financing.

Otherwise, consider investors. Private entities can provide the funds you need. They’ll share a part of your profits once the business grows.

You can also consider crowdfunding using a site like GoFundMe or Kickstarter.

3. Register Your Business

Once you have funding, you’ll need to determine your business type. Do you want to form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), C-Corporation, or S-Corporation?

You’ll need to consider your business structure, the fees you’ll need to pay, capital, and taxes. 

Then, register your business with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Are you selling products that require a prescription? Make sure you comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Secure any operating licenses you need as well.

Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork before you start operating.

4. Find Office Space

Will you have people see your products in person? Consider acquiring office space. You’ll need somewhere to house your supplies.

You’ll need to gather equipment, too. For example, you might want to invest in a printer, computer, and fax machine. Make sure you have the tools you need to track your orders. 

5. Seek Manufacturers or Distributors

Once you’re set up, you’ll need to find a manufacturer or medical products distributor. 

You can purchase some brands from the manufacturer directly. Others, however, are only sold through specific distributors. Make sure to explore your options before developing any partnerships.

The manufacturers or distributors you choose could define your medical supply company’s success.

Don’t forget to build a practitioner database, too. Finding healthcare practitioners will help you discover business opportunities. You can get started with this database here.

6. Build Your Team

You might decide to run your business alone at first. If you lack experience with medical equipment, look into finding a sales rep. Choose someone who understands the products you’re selling.

They can help grow your business!

You might want to consider a customer service rep, warehouse workers, and an accountant, too.

7. Start Marketing

How will people find your medical supply store? A strong marketing strategy can set your business up for success.

First, make sure to create a high-quality, mobile-optimized website with e-commerce abilities. You’ll use your website to sell your medical supplies. Consumers can place orders straight from your site.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing. How are they reaching customers? How are they pricing their products?

Set competitive prices for your own products.

Then, start marketing. You can use social media marketing or create search engine optimized blog posts on your site. Digital advertising can help you draw in buyers, too. 

Make sure to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry. Tracking the trends will help you identify new business opportunities before anyone else.

How to Open a Medical Supply Store: 7 Tips to Set You Up for Success

Set your medical supply store up for long-term success. With these tips, you can build your business from the ground up. Then, you can draw customers to your medical supply company and get ahead of the competition. 

Searching for more useful tips and tricks? We’re here to help!

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