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7 SEO Strategies Every Small Business Should Be Using

Searching for the best SEO strategies for your small business? Not sure which SEO tactics are the most important to use?

If you want to boost the online presence of your business, then it’s essential that you learn about SEO strategies and start implementing them immediately. Few things are better for getting your business more traction online than SEO, so you should make sure you’re using it to your advantage.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Below we’ll tell you about the 7 SEO strategies that every small business should be using.


1. Blogging and Content Marketing

One of the best SEO strategies of all is content marketing. By creating content for your business that will educate your customers and engage them, you’ll be able to get more traction for your business as well.

While starting a blog and adding it to your website is one way to use content marketing to your advantage, there are other options. Whether you create marketing videos, podcasts, whitepapers, case studies, or another type of content, doing so can be a great help for establishing authority in your industry while connecting more deeply with your customers.

2. Adding the Right Keywords to Your Site

In conjunction with creating a great blog and adding content to your site, it’s essential that you recognize the importance of choosing the right keywords to use. Using long-tail keywords in your blog content and on your website can make it more likely that you’ll get search engine traffic.

Fortunately, you can use online keyword research tools to find good keywords to target that won’t have a lot of competition and that your site will be more likely to rank for. However, make sure that you’re only choosing keywords that are relevant to your industry. Also, keep the searcher’s goal in mind when creating your content and choose keywords that are relevant to their needs.

Choosing the right keywords to use in your content can do a lot for your website and can lead to great results in traffic generation.

3. Using Local SEO Techniques

For small businesses that are focused on local customers, local SEO strategies will be essential.

If you have a retail business or another business where you’re specifically targeting local area customers, then you need to use local SEO techniques. These techniques include actions such as claiming your Google My Business (GMB) page, verifying online directory information, and adding local keywords to your website.

By using these techniques, Google will more easily identify the location in which you do business and will start sending people in your area to your website.

4. Ensuring Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

One of the key strategies for improving SEO is to make your site as mobile-friendly as possible Taking a mobile-first approach with your website is essential these days, so make sure that your site looks great and functions well on mobile devices.

Google tends to send searchers to sites that work well on mobile phones and other small devices, so by making sure your site is mobile-friendly, you’ll end up getting more traffic than you would otherwise.

5. Increasing Website Loading Speed

In addition to improving your site and ensuring it works well on mobile devices, you should also ensure that your site loads quickly on any device a visitor uses. One of the top ways to improve your SEO is to increase your site speed by making sure it loads quickly and effortlessly.

You can improve site speed in several ways. Some of the ways that you can do this are by improving and compressing the code on your site, optimizing images, and by ensuring that you’re using a great web host. By putting some effort into improving website speed, it will become more likely that Google and other search engines will send search traffic your way.

6. Improving the User Experience

Ensuring that your site is fast and mobile-friendly are only some aspects of making your site user-friendly. You should also do anything else that you can to improve the user experience.

Be sure that you make your site easy to navigate. Visitors to your site should find what they’re looking for easily and should be able to move around your site effortlessly. Improving technical aspects of your site can also help a lot, as can improving the overall appearance and aesthetic of your website.

7. Building Website Backlinks

One of the top SEO strategies you can use to grow your business presence online is to get more backlinks for your website.

Backlinks are links that are on other websites and point back to your own site. They can serve as great indicators to Google that your site is worth paying attention to, and if you have a lot of backlinks from high-quality and relevant sources, they can work wonders for improving your SEO and increasing website traffic.

There are many ways to get more backlinks for your site, although it will take some effort on your part. One of the best ways to get backlinks is by guest posting or by building relationships with other websites. Adding high-quality content to your blog can also help as well if it’s shared by other website owners. You may also want to check out this company if you need help building backlinks in a white hat way.

Growing Your Small Business With These SEO Strategies

If you want to bring your business into the digital age, you need to start using SEO strategies to your advantage. Be sure that you make use of the SEO strategies listed above if you want to boost your online presence and get more website traffic.

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