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What is NetSuite? An Informative Guide for Beginners

Looking for a way to bring your business operations into the 21st century?

Spaceships? Time travel?

Even better. 

There is now an easy to use, affordable resource for all your business operations needs. 

This platform is called NetSuite, and whether your company is large or small it will change your experience with business operations software forever.

So, what is NetSuite you ask?

Read more to find out how this awesome tool can make your life at work a whole lot easier!


What Is NetSuite?

Think of NetSuite as an all-in-one business operations platform that allows you to manage everything from finance and Human Resources to inventory and data migration. The fancy term for this is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. 

The platform allows you to manage both finances, invoicing, personnel, and sales. It does the job of all your business applications in one. 

NetSuite Features

Here are just a few of the top features of NetSuite:

Customer management: From the platform, you can access sales and invoice history from customer relationships as well as saved contracts and personnel contact information.

Analytics: Suite Analytics gives you the ability to review your key performance indicators and predict the health of your business based on hard data in readable dashboards.

Financials: Tracking historic and current revenue will allow your business you make savvy financial decisions and help track sustained economic growth for the company as a whole.

Human Resources: SuitePeople is a NetSuite feature that allows you to manage payroll, onboard new employees, and even track requests for time off. 

CRM integration: Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can help manage things like sales. It can improve your relationship with your client or the customer you are serving. 

Finding out If Netsuite Is Right for Your Business

NetSuite users work in advertising, sales, marketing, nonprofit, health technology, and many other fields. If your system is out of date or you are relying on many different systems to manage your business, NetSuite is just the resource you are looking for.

If you think NetSuite might be right for you, check out this free NetSuite training course. The course is perfect for beginners that may be overwhelmed at the prospect of using an entirely new business operations system.

The course will provide an introduction to the platform including each of the unique features that may best fit your company’s needs. It couldn’t be simpler!

More Information, Please!

Still not convinced? Check out these NetSuite success stories for first-hand accounts of how the services provided by NetSuite helped businesses succeed.

Now, if your boss asks you, What is NetSuite? Will it work for our company? you can provide the answer with confidence.

For more information on all things technology feel free to check out more posts on our blog. We’re uploading new content all the time!

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