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What Is the Best iPhone XS Case on the Market?

If you’ve invested the money in purchasing the iPhone XS then you will want to take the extra precautions on protecting your investment.

Check out this list to see which is the best iPhone XS case on the market.


1. OtterBox iPhone XS Symmetry Case

OtterBox has been one of the most well-known phone case creators for many years. One of its more recent models, the Symmetry Case, is perfect for keeping your iPhone XS safe.

The case comes in a variety of different colors, or clear, and wraps up the side of your phone to help keep your phone and buttons safe in case of a fall. The Pop Symmetry series also has a built-in PopSocket which can help you keep a hold on this larger style phone. There is no screen protection with this case though, so you may want to add some additional protection to protect your display.

2. Hitcase Ferra Leather iPhone Xs Case

Ferra, by Hitcase, is a handmade iPhone Xs Max Leather Case that helps protect against drops while adding a feeling of craftsmanship to your phone.

In addition to the full-grain leather, it features beveled stainless steel hardware for a classy look. This is also the only leather iPhone case that has the capability of attaching additional lenses which can turn your phone into a better working camera.

3. Tech21 Pure Soda iPhone XS Case

Tech21 doesn’t compromise protection with fun. Thanks to its BulletShield impact material, each case is rated to offer drop protection and shock absorption of up to 10 feet.

The Pure Soda model has a fun blue or orchid tint see-through design with bubbles that make it look like your phone is part of a carbonated beverage.

4. Apple iPhone XS Smart Battery Case

The Apple Smart Battery Case offers a silicone case with a battery built into it. The iPhone XS version has been upgraded so that the battery is more streamlined, has talk time up to 39 hours and surf the internet for up to 22 hours.

One of the greatest aspects of this case is that it is compatible with Qi-certified chargers. You can wirelessly charge your phone and your Smart Battery Case at the same time so you will be back in action in no time.

5. Catalyst iPhone XS Waterproof Case

Catalyst’s waterproof case will protect your iPhone XS if you drop it in water up until about 33 feet deep. The case also will protect the phone in a fall of up to about 6.5 feet.

The case is clear on the front and backside, so you can see the actual housing of your phone through it and an unblocked view of your screen.

Are You Ready to Buy an iPhone XS Case?

We hope this list will help you decide which iPhone XS case is best for your everyday needs.

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