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What’s the Best Social Media for Marketing? A Tip Guide

These days, social media has completely changed the way companies do business. There once was a time when marketing was done solely through billboards, the newspaper, and television.

But with the increase in popularity of the internet, social media advertising is much more effective. So, what’s the best social media for marketing? We’ll answer that question and more below. Just keep reading!


How to Advertise on Social Media

Social media advertising is actually quite simple—but there is a formula to it. Not only that, but each platform has different structures. Therefore, the way you advertise should be a little different on each site.

The key rule to remember is to be fun and informative. The thing about social media is that people go online to have a good time and escape their daily lives.

So when it comes to your advertising approach, your goal is to stand out. Try different layouts for your Instagram page and use other unorthodox techniques.

Some big brands like to post their IG pictures in a way that it creates a logo or cool design. You want to lure people in and not overwhelm them with advertising. The last thing consumers want is to feel bombarded by companies.

Don’t overdo it with posting. Otherwise, your followers will start to view your company as spam—not a business that they want to purchase from.

On that note, here are some cool ways to advertise on each social media platform:


Instagram is a great way to advertise to potential customers. There are many businesses who have IG pages set up solely for marketing purposes. Instagram is very effective for restaurants, clothing boutiques, and photography studios.

It’s a platform that’s primarily centered around pictures and short videos. Therefore, it’s easy to advertise products quickly and in a way that attracts customers.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, all you have to do is post pictures and videos of your food, and it’ll have your followers’ mouths watering. They’ll come to you!

It’s also a good idea to partner with Instagram influencers who have large followings. If you are able to get celebrities and other public figures on board with your business, it puts more eyes on your products.

An example would be to have a celebrity wear your brand of clothing and tag your page in their post. Instagram is all about creating buzz and making Instagrammers want to find out more about your company.


Facebook is a little more formal and should be treated much like a mini website. It’s a place to post pictures, videos, and make statements to your followers. You can advertise sales events and other important news that you want potential customers to know about.

Not only that, but Facebook is a good place to receive reviews. If people like your products, they’ll post about it. When they do, other potential customers can see that feedback and decide whether or not they want to do business with you.

Also, Facebook is the best social media for marketing if you don’t have a website. There are many companies that don’t have a formal website and use their Facebook as a substitute for it.

Although this is a good solution when you’re first starting out, at some point it’s best to get a legitimate website. It’ll solidify your brand and make you appear more reputable.


Twitter is all about communicating and connecting with customers. It’s a conversational platform that’s great for engaging your target audience. Many companies these days use Twitter as an avenue for resolving issues and complaints.

Customers voice their opinions and even provide compliments based on their experiences. Although it is often difficult to hear, you want to know what your consumers are thinking. They’ll be open and opinionated about their feedback.

Therefore, you should make it a point to read hashtags and mentions that include your business name. Doing so only makes your company better in the long run.

Twitter is also a great place to post exclusive sales and discounts. Your Twitter followers will see when you’re running promotions and potentially tweet it out to their followers. That leads to more revenue.

Twitter is the best social media for marketing directly to your target audience. Without it, you’ll be out of touch with your customers and not providing them with the best products and services.


When you really want to take social media advertising to the next level, YouTube is the way to do it. Unlike the other platforms, YouTube’s main avenue of communication is video.

This platform is fantastic for companies who have products that require instructions or tutorials. It allows customers to go directly to your YouTube page to get a better understanding of your products and services.

Furthermore, many social media influencers have large YouTube followings. The majority of companies nowadays partner with other YouTube channels to market their products for them. Doing so creates more buzz around your brand and gets more eyes on your business.

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Choose the Best Social Media for Marketing

When it comes to creating a strong online presence, it’s best to be on all of the major social media platforms. But you can always perform testing to see which one is the best social media for marketing to your target audience.

However, your company should aim to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. That’s the best way to ensure that you are reaching as many potential customers as possible.

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