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WhatsApp vs. Viber – Which Is the Best Mobile Messaging App?


If you own a smartphone, then you most likely barely ever use text messaging as a means of communication. Nowadays, instant messaging apps are where most of the world’s written communication takes place. Out of all the apps of this kind on the market, two manage to stand out the most. We’re talking about Viber and WhatsApp, of course. But which one is the best? Which one should you download? Keep reading to find out.


As far as interface goes, Viber’s is livelier and more fun, but that also means it’s most cluttered. WhatsApp on the other hand sticks to the tried and tested lane of minimalistic design. And its no-frills appearance is exactly what attracts many users. Therefore, as far as interface goes, WhatsApp takes the cake.

Call Quality

However, as far as voice call quality goes, Viber has a clear advantage over WhatsApp, namely the fact that it offers HD voice calls. However, WhatsApp doesn’t lag far behind in the voice call quality department, even though it doesn’t offer HD just yet. Therefore, we’d have to say that Viber wins here, for now.

Video Calling

Viber does come with something very important that WhatsApp lacks: the video calling option. However, WhatsApp has in fact announced an intention to implement this feature in the app as well. But seeing as it doesn’t have it just yet, we’d have to go with Viber on this one as well.

On Desktops

Both apps do offer the option to be used on your desktop as well. However, WhatsApp can be used online through your browser, while Viber comes with a program that can be installed directly to your computer. Thus, the winner in this category depends on your specific needs. Some people might prefer to access their apps on a browsers, others might want them installed directly.

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