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The iPhone 8 Design Is Out and Nobody Likes It


The next generation iPhone device should have its debut in September, if it were to follow the tradition Apple started when they moved their releases from the beginning of the summer to the end of the summer. However, according to some recent reports, Apple might be encountering some issues with an essential technological component that should appear on the 10th anniversary device.

What Is the Problem?

From what we gathered from the reports, Apple had two options: to delay the release or to quit the tech component altogether. This lead to a surprising turn of events, where the fans actually want the phone to be delayed, which might even be a first in history!

But in order to understand better why fans would want the release delayed, we should go back to a leak that happened last Wednesday. If you remember, a source leaked a basic drawing of what is supposed to be the design of the upcoming device. The image reveals a design that resembles a flatter iPhone 5 look. Besides this, we can also see a new hole appearing underneath the Apple logo.

Rumor has it that the hole translates to the Touch ID fingerprint scanner being moved to the back, just under the logo. We know that Apple has been working on placing it below the display for years in a row, and iPhone 8 should be the first phone not to have this technology. But the catch here is the fact that it seems the company has some trouble trying to make the scanner mass-produced. Consequently, the developers are considering relocating the scanner on the back.

Take Everything with a Grain of Salt

However, this might still be fake news. And even if the image is true, it may just be one of Apple’s experiments, as we have seen in the past.

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