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WhatsApp Web Update Will Include Revoke Feature


Accidental texts can be born out of having too many drinks or just simply sending a message to the wrong person by accident. Text messages sent to the wrong recipient has been a cause for shame, especially in these days of social media over sharing. WhatsApp is about to let you breathe a little easier with an option to revoke a message that was mistakenly sent.

Twitter account @WABetaInfo, which provides updates on new features on WhatsApp, tweeted about the addition of the revoke feature to the web client recently. The user added a “DISABLED NOW” note to the tweet, and based on FAQs sent to the user, it could mean that users will have to use WATweaks (Android only) to test out the new feature or they will just have to wait until the official update has rolled out. It’s important to note that these updates are still in the beta stage, hence not yet an official release.

Reports of a revoke feature for WhatsApp have been circulating the web since last year. The same Twitter user, @WABetaInfo, reported on seeing the feature being tested on a Beta version of the popular messaging app. Now, it looks like an official release date is not that far away.

The revoke feature allows WhatsApp users to “unsend” a text message that was not meant for a recipient or simply to revoke a message that was accidentally sent to the intended receiver. A five-minute window will be given to users to revoke the message.

WhatsApp has one billion users but it hasn’t garnered positive press of late. It has been cloning Snapchat features and has also been the center of security issues. Last month, the app was the focus of a review controversy after 5-star reviews on Google Play Store contained messages irrelevant to its service.

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