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When will the APK for VidMate 3.47 or 3.50 be Available for Download?


VidMate is an app you can use on your Android device to download videos from popular sites like YouTube. Doing so allows you to enjoy lots of videos without incurring large data costs. Saving a lot of videos and creating a playlist also makes long commutes much more bearable.

Many fans of VidMate are always looking towards the newest release. It’s exciting to know what the makers have in store, but release dates are almost difficult to determine. So it’s really hard to tell when VidMate 3.47 or VidMate 3.50 will be dropping.


VidMate 3.47 Release Date

Knowing that VidMate 3.46 has just recently dropped, it’s safe to assume a version 3.47 is on its way. That will depend on the issues that need to be fixed and the improvements being planned by VidMate’s makers.

The exact date of its release is what remains unknown. Since the makers drop releases pretty frequently, it can be assumed that a new version is coming really soon. It’s just the when that can’t be accurately determined.

Even harder to figure out are the features or improvements that will come with the new release. Current noticeable bugs might most likely be patched up in version 3.47 but other than that, it’s anyone’s guess.

It’s always best to keep checking official channels, like the official Facebook page or the official site to see the latest news.

VidMate 3.50 Release Date

Given that the latest version is still at version 3.46, the next possible release will be a number that follows in sequence. In this case, version 3.50 might still be a long while coming.

Then again, VidMate is pretty frequent when it comes to releases so this update might be here sooner than you think. Just keep an eye on the official channels for updates.

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