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Fans Discuss Expectations on Fallout 5 Radio Host


As fans continue to anticipate if Fallout 5 is ever going to happen, they equally speculate on the possibilities and expectations for the game. There may not be any confirmation about its release yet, but that doesn’t stop the fans from talking about it.

Now, we focus our attention on the fans’ expectations or ideas around the video game’s much-anticipated fifth installment. This time, fans speculate on who or what they expect of the Fallout 5 radio host or will there ever be one.


Radio Host Talk: What Do Fans Want?

Fans have a high regard for the importance of having a radio host for the game. This character plays an integral role in the video game and gives players how the story will possibly play out in the future.

Fallout 3’s radio host, 3Dog, became a fan favorite after Bethesda released the game back in 2008. This time, fans find it important to have a radio host for the game.

On the other hand, Fallout 4 had Travis Miles as their radio host. This Diamond City Radio host did not live up to the fans’ expectations compared to the others.

What really stood out among the past Fallout radio hosts is the AI host in Fallout: New Vegas. Known as Mr. New Vegas, this host did a pretty good job in this Fallout edition despite the character’s lack of a solid backstory.

All things considered, fans have different opinions in mind but it’s perfectly understandable knowing how every player has its own preferences. However, a Reddit thread discusses how they want the next Fallout 5 radio host to be like Mr. New Vegas.


No matter how much fans continue to speculate on their expectations, one thing is for sure: they are all waiting for an official statement about the release of the much-anticipated Fallout 5.

As fans continue to wait for that day, they continue to voice out their opinions on the matter. When will we all hear from Bethesda, anyway? Looks like we all just have to wait and see.

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