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Why Use WordPress? A Guide for Anyone That’s on the Fence

The WordPress content management system dominates the online world for a reason. Nearly 40% of all websites are WordPress websites. So, other than its popularity, why use WordPress?

When you decide to start a website, you are introduced to the world of website building, which, frankly, can be overwhelming at first. However, luckily we live in an era where building a site does not require specialized technical skills. And one of those tools is WordPress.

Read on to learn why building a WordPress site is a great decision. 


What Is WordPress? 

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). A CMS offers the basic infrastructure you need to build a website. You do not need to worry about creating static HTML files and other codes to manage your website.

Instead, WordPress makes it easy to create your dream website. 


Are you holding back from creating a website? Whatever your purpose for building a website, it can be reassuring to know WordPress is free software. 

However, if you want a domain name and hosting, you have to invest in this. You can either do self-hosting or find a WordPress maintenance plan, where your site is managed to ensure it is the best it can be. 


The interface is not the only part of WordPress that is easy to use. To stand out from over 1.8 billion websites in the world, you need an attractive website. But if you are not a web designer or web programmer, where do you begin?

Luckily, you have plenty of themes and plugins available to create your dream website with little technical knowledge. Many are free or affordable, with many customizable options to make your site unique. WordPress makes it easy to integrate these themes and add plugins to improve website functionality.

SEO Friendly

An attractive website is great, but it will not get you website traffic. You also need to master Search Engine Optimization to stand out from the crowd. WordPress helps you get started as it is an SEO-friendly site that ranks well on search engines. 


WordPress has one of the best infrastructures for security. Protect your hard work building a WordPress site with security against malware and other attacks. You can also easily add more security measures to be on the safe side. 

Easy to Use

WordPress is easy to use with a great dashboard to manage your site. There are backup options, update notifications, and other important analytics to keep your site in quality condition. Plus, you can get management support to help you learn how to use WordPress efficiently.

Why Use WordPress?

There are endless reasons to answer the question: why use WordPress? It is one of the most flexible, secure, and easy content management systems to use. The possibilities for your website are endless with a WordPress website, and there is plenty of support out there to help too.

Good luck! Are you ready to start your website? Check out our other posts to help with everything from website building to content management!

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