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Will the Death of Adobe Flash Player Impact the Business Community?


At the beginning of September, we’ve been announced by Adobe about their intentions on ending Adobe Flash by 2020.

We’ve all been familiar with this tool and can’t believe it will really be discontinued. The main question is how this decision is going to affect the business community.

Being a video streaming platform, a lot of workers prefer to use live video instead of calls and removing Flash might impact this option when we’re taking into account the enterprise communities.

Adobe Flash so Far

Flash has been around since the beginning of the 2000s, taking care of entertaining us with interactive online videos, games, animations and ads, replacing the static and boring internet.

Later we were able to see live videos in our browsers with introducing Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) into Flash, allowing us to see almost real time videos.

It’s been 15 years of using this tool for watching videos, playing games or communicating inside companies with your colleagues and partners. But as time went by, other developers introduced HTML5 and WebGL which allowed the same features inside browsers as a plug-in free alternative, rendering Flash a bit useless.

Not only it can be replaced by HTML5 and WebGL, but it also puts to risk users by being easily attacked and companies would be liable to security issues.

Are Businesses Going to be Affected after Flash Gets Discontinued?

Right now the answer is yes, because the transition takes time and until it’s complete, a lot of businesses are affected right now. HTML5 cannot support live streaming and other solutions are not supported by all browsers.

A lot of businesses rely on Flash, as they have a huge video infrastructure which depends on Flash in order to function and the transition is going to take a while, but there are solutions to it.

Still, even though the discontinuing of Adobe Flash is an issue, there are a lot of technologies out there ready to fill the empty space.

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