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Will Facebook Choose Adobe Flash Player or HTML5 for Streaming its Media?


If you’ve been keeping tabs on this subject, than you might already know how much of a security nightmare Adobe Flash Player has become in recent years. Everyone’s once-go-to ‘media mediator’ has unfortunately proved to be quite unstable in recent years, being the cause for numerous security threats inflicted on users across the globe. And while Adobe have sincerely tried their best to fix any bugs and glitches, as well as obliterate and prevent security threats, more and more of these keep popping up with each upgrade they attempt.

Unfortunately, it seems that Adobe’s glory days are nearing their end, and what used to be each browser’s utmost necessity for streaming content is now slowly slipping away into oblivion accompanied by the sound of an entire base of users’ dissatisfaction. Now, HTML5-based media streaming is rising back from the ashes as the better and safer alternative to a complete online experience. However, many of us are left to wonder: what will Facebook choose?

Adobe Flash Player vs HTML5

Facebook has notably made HTML5 available on select browsers, and many users reported being satisfied with the alternative. While HTML5 had some errors of its own in the beginning, as of this point in time, these seem to have been fixed, and the media streaming platform shines brighter than ever. The benefits of HTML5 rely on its use of adaptive streaming, which comes with variable buffer sizing, as well as adaptive bitrate.

However, Facebook isn’t ready to give up on Adobe Flash Player completely quite yet. There are still many instances on the beloved social media platform where Adobe Flash Player is, and most likely will still be required in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see how the whole thing pans out.

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