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Windows 10 Creators Update Fixes Stuttering Games Glitch


The Creators Update for Windows 10 came with a Game Mode that was supposed to improve the game performance. Sadly, this didn’t exactly happen and numerous gamers complained about game bugs. The most persisting one was the “stuttering” problem, but many users also experienced dropping frame rates. For many users, this was another reason to continue to use Windows 7, as it offers a better performance and many gamers consider it better for their games.

However, as it turns out, after months of user complaints, Microsoft is finally working to address game bugs and this might convince some people to finally give the Creators Update a chance.

Microsoft acknowledges the errors

Windows 10 users received some good news when Microsoft released an alert on the Feedback Hub app that announced that several issues have been identified thanks to the users’ feedback. “Thank you everyone for providing feedback and submitting traces. We have been analyzing the traces from your feedback and have identified several different problem sources surfacing as a stutter in games” Microsoft declared.

Windows Insider users are the first ones to receive the patches

As we already know, the Insider allows some users to early test Windows 10 updates, and this was no exception. Insider test builds came with game patches that will become available for the rest of the users in October. We have to wait to see if these updates will fix the issues, but some users have already reported that they work.

It is a good thing that Microsoft keeps in touch with the users and actually takes their feedback into consideration. A good communication is essential for a good Windows experience and hopefully they will continue to do this in the future.

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