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Wonderful WhatsApp Experience – WhatsApp APK Full Version Download


It is most likely that you have tried using an instant messaging app. With the continuously growing number of mobile device users nowadays, each person who owns a mobile phone may even have more than one instant messaging app in their phone. One of the most popular instant messaging apps is WhatsApp. You can download it for free however, to use all of its additional features, you need to get the paid version or make in-app purchases. You may have apprehensions about spending money on an app but now, you do not have to worry about that anymore because you can experience all WhatsApp features for free with your WhatsApp APK Full Version download.

Being a BETA tester means contributing to the app. It means that you are willing to use your time in using the app to find out if there are any errors or loopholes that the developers failed to see. This makes you a part of the team. It means you are the first to get updates and you get inside information aside from other perks. Now you can be one of the BETA testers when you download WhatsApp APK Full Version.

Here are some things that you need to remember:

  • First, you need to download the basic WhatsApp instant messenger from Google Play or any other sources. Of course, the APK will not work without the actual WhatsApp.
  • Enroll to the testing program using your computer or laptop. To do this, go to It is your voluntary application of some sort to become a BETA tester.
  • Verify your identity through signing into your Google account.
  • Click on the blue “Become a Tester Button”
  • Instantly, you will officially become a tester once you get the confirmation message saying, “You are now a Tester”.
  • Update each time you get a notification of an available one to stay updated with the changes in the app that you need to test.

With full access to the WhatsApp features and as a BETA Tester, you will benefit from new updates such as the following:

  • Now you can take back what you said. If you have sent a message accidentally or mistakenly, you can now delete that message as long as you do it within seven minutes. Just choose the “Delete for everyone” option and you are saved.
  • Share live location for instant update for your friends. This makes meet-ups easier because they can see where you are at the very moment.
  • You now have the space where you can tell others more about you with the section of your profile aptly named “about”.
  • Aside from emojis, you can also use GIFs to express your thoughts and feelings accurately.
  • You can also update your status with texts as well as other files like video, photo, and GIF.

What more can you ask for? Download the WhatsApp APK Full Version now and start maximizing all these features that you will surely love using.

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