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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs, Price And Release Date For 2018


Android mobile users simply can’t resist thinking about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Well, there might be a reason for this excitement after all, as the Android phone manufacturing giant might want to speed up things.

This was in line with the move to release the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 even before the new iPhones will be released. This will make the Galaxy Note 9 hit the shelves a lot sooner than the Note 8.



According to a Samsung insider, the Galaxy Note 9 will have a display that will be bigger than that of the Note 8. However, that might be so small that you’d expect a very slight difference.

The display of the Note 8 was around 6.32 inches, while the Note 9 will come at 6.38 inches. No update regarding the resolution has been released yet, but it is expected that it will have the same dimensions as its predecessor which is 2,960 x 1440 pixels. Rumor has it that it would feature a 4K display, which is also an option.

Moreover, the Note 9 might be powered by the most recent Snapdragon 845 or the new Exynos 9810 chipset. But that would depend on the region where the device will be released. This will be just like the Galaxy S9 series. At the same time, the Note 9 will feature a 6GB or RAM under its hood, just like the Note 8. This means that whatever task you throw at it, the Galaxy Note 9 will endure.


If rumors were true, the upcoming flagship phone from Samsung will be a lot alike with the Galaxy S9. It might only come with few minor modifications to its design. But that doesn’t mean that Samsung won’t surprise its fans for a brand new design. Some say that the Galaxy Note 9 will come with in-display fingerprint scanner.

There are no images being leaked as of the moment, so nobody knows for sure how it would look like. But rest assured that all Note series would follow the Galaxy S design in so far as the design department is concerned.

The Price

In the U.S., the price of the unlocked Galaxy Note 8 was around $930, which has made it the most expensive smartphone to date from Samsung. In fact, the price has increased to $950 ever since its release.

On the other hand, the price of the Galaxy Note 9 might be a mystery yet, but you wish it will be lower. Take note that Samsung doesn’t decrease flagship phone prices, which might not happen in 2018 at least. Therefore, the Galaxy Note 9 will be more expensive compared to its predecessor.

Overall, the price of the Galaxy Note 9 would be highly likely as its predecessor. It might even set you back to at least $950 for the unlocked model. The release date of the Galaxy Note 9 might also be released sooner than expected, which should be two months earlier than its predecessor the Galaxy Note 8.

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